The Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique (AT) helps you learn to move more easily and freely. It teaches you to use your muscles with greater awareness. You learn to identify and prevent harmful habits or stress responses that cause pain and discomfort. As you begin to release tension you will feel more relaxed and alert, calmer with more stamina. And as your aches and pains decrease,  you will be able to think more clearly and cope more easily with stress.

Although described as a complementary therapy, the AT is actually a learning process.  The Alexander Technique is ‘taught’ to you, not ‘done’ to you. You will be actively involved in your ‘lessons’ which are practical, problem solving and individually focused.  In between lessons you will also ‘work on yourself’ improving your ability to independently  direct your attention and control your muscle use. This ‘conscious control’ can also increase your general confidence.
The Alexander Technique works by teaching you how to rebalance the head, the neck and the back. These core support structures of the body influence movement, breath, attention, reaction and our ability to be still. Watch a small child sit, squat, walk or balance his/her head and you will see the natural, effortless way in which the head-neck-back relationship works!

The Alexander Technique can improve performance in a wide range of activities, from athletics, to artistic performance, to the management of pain, illness, disability or injury.  However, you can also apply your new skills to your ordinary, everyday activities.

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