About Colleen

Colleen trained as an Alexander Technique teacher for 3 years in Leeds, graduating in 1994.  She is an accredited member of The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (MSTAT).  Colleen has been teaching The Alexander Technique in Bradford since the 1990s.

Colleen’s Story: ‘I started having Alexander Technique lessons in the 1980s. I was suffering from back ache and sciatic pain after a skiing accident as a teenager, heavy lifting from nursing plus chronic muscular tension from stress. I had ‘pins and needles’ in my face and neck which couldn’t be diagnosed. I was miserable with nagging pain and couldn’t find anything that worked on a long-term basis. Massage helped but I had to keep going back to get relief.

I was impressed by my first Alexander Technique lesson because the teacher showed me how to carry on looking after myself in between lessons. Not only did I quickly get pain relief, I also learned how to release tension myself. I felt better physically  as I learned how to look after myself. I felt better psychologically as I was more able to relax. After more lessons I became aware of further benefits, including increased confidence, more poise, a greater ability to control ‘bad habits’, and a better ability to face intimidating or anxiety-provoking situations.

I like to cycle, swim, work out in the gym and go hill walking and more recently I have discovered the challenge of learning to play golf. I continue to find that applying the Alexander Technique makes these activities easier and more pleasurable, although I cannot make any claims for ‘expertise’!

As well as teaching the Alexander Technique, Colleen was a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bolton from 2001-2010. She also has a psychotherapy practice in Bradford (http://www.counsellingbradford.com/).