Some frequently asked questions about The Alexander Technique:

ISN’T IT ALL ABOUT IMPROVING POSTURE? You will find that your posture changes as a result of having Alexander Technique lessons but a lot more happens too!  The ‘AT’ teacher will guide you you through simple everyday movements (like standing and sitting, walking, bending, lifting). This highlights general areas of tension and unhelpful habits.  The  teacher helps you improve your awareness of how you move, how you hold yourself, and how to release areas of tension. You become more aware of ‘habits’ that are working against you and how to prevent this. You will learn to carry out everyday activities with less tension and less effort. You will also be given individualised ‘homework’ and tips to help you maintain what you learn in between lessons. The teacher works with you to help you gain what you need from the Alexander Technique.

HOW MANY LESSONS DO I NEED? The professional organisation that trains and oversees Alexander Technique teaching in the UK, STAT,  recommends from 10 to 30 lessons. However, the number and frequency of lessons is very much an individual decision depending on your difficulties, your goals, your resources and how much you are able to apply the Alexander Technique in between lessons. Treat it like learning how to drive or learning a language! Have a look at what some of my ‘pupils’ have to say about their experiences.

COST £40 per 45 minute individual lesson. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you and to arrange an introductory lesson.

Some companies invite Alexander Technique teachers into the workplace (ICI, Clifford Chance, The Guardian, BBC, Chanel, City Lit, Hewlett Packard, Grey Advertising and The British Library have all offered this). You might also want to invite an Alexander Technique teacher to work with elderly or infirm people in a residential setting, for instance.  I have experience of doing this type of teaching. The Alexander Technique is also taught at music and drama colleges.

CAN MY GP REFER ME FOR LESSONS? There is scientifically based evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for back pain as well as for symptoms of Parkinsons. I am happy to speak to your General Practitioner about this.

IS THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE COVERED BY HEALTH INSURANCE? Some insurance companies recognise the value of the Alexander Technique. In order for them to reimburse the costs of lessons, you will need to be referred by a Medical Consultant. I am happy to speak to your Medical Consultant about this.

I hope this answers most of your questions about The Alexander Technique but please contact me for further information.