How The AT Helps

Does this look familiar?

The Alexander Technique helps with a number of difficulties, like:
• Poor posture / Rounded shoulders
• Performance anxiety (work presentations, public speaking, singing, musical instruments, dancing, acting)
• Low self esteem
• Sports improvement (swimming, running, cycling, horse riding, working out)
• Muscle injuries
• Back ache, headaches and neck strain (‘desk’ stress)
• Breathing problems & asthma
• Pregnancy
• Anxiety & stress management
• Parkinson’s related symptoms
• RSI (repetitive strain injury)
• Teeth grinding (Maloclusion)
• Gardener’s back ache & DIY aches & pains

Have a look at what some of my ‘pupils’ have to say about their experiences of Alexander Technique lessons by reading the personal stories of Susan, Cordelia, Ann, Jane, Jean and Heather. 


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